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Sunday, September 22, 2002
Subject: Drying dahlias
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Is there a successful method of drying dahlias?


Sunday, September 22, 2002
RE: Drying dahlias
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You can air dry dahlias by the same method as described on our site. Make sure you do not pick them too late, you know how blooms of dahlias seem to get bigger and bigger after they have opened. Well catch them just prior to them really opening. If you have some of those monster blooms, it will be too late and I am afraid they will be very fragile.

Now remember that some flowers when they dry look like the fresh flower (larkspur) and others look like a 'dried flower' (sunflowers). Dahlias are in the second class; they loose a lot of their structure but do retain their color (dry in darkness).

I have never seen freeze-dried dahlias but I bet they would work and those blossoms would be beautiful (like the fresh).

Good luck,

D. Scott Demmin

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