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Naty Tapia

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Subject: how to dry roses
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I have been trying to dry flowers for some time now. I hang them upside down and they dry good. Is there a way to dry the roses when they are open and stay open ater they are dried? Every time I turn it upside down to ry it closes. Please let me know what I can do Thank You.


Thursday, February 27, 2003
RE: how to dry roses
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With air drying of roses, you must dry roses that are immature ... not 'open'. If you wait too long to dry them (a fully open rose), the results will be poor (usually petals will just fall off).

Keep in mind though, different results are obtained with different cultivars. In other words, a rose is not just a rose.

It would be possible to freeze dried a fully open rose. It would be beautiful but a bit fragile.

Sorry I was not of much help.


Thursday, March 13, 2003
RE: how to dry roses
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For me, this problem was rectified by one of those weird "serendipitous" accidents! I, too, was seeking a method for keeping rose blooms opened while drying them and did the traditional "hanging upside down method", which produced the same results as Naty Tapia.

I'd gotten two dozen georgeous yellow roses (for my anniversary) and had to leave home shortly after I vased them in water. Well, by the time I returned, the water was all gone and the roses had dried fully opened, with their full heads only "nodding" a bit downward. It was as if they HAD been freeze-dried!

So, next time you're lucky enough to get some roses (or grow your own) stick em in a vase and let them soak up as much water as possible, then let them just set there and dry on their own. You may lose a few petals, but, by and large, they'll dry "whole"!

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